Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jam Fest 2010, Cinderella Shoot, and Seattle

Thursday morning I left home bright and early for Lynden to meet up with Sarah at Joelle's for Jam Fest 2010. Since graduating from college the three of us have gotten together once a year to make jam. So much fun, I love these girls!
We made about 8 batches of raspberry and blackberry jam!
Inbetween all the jam, Joelle made a blueberry pie and homemade pizza! It was awesome!
Not only did was this jam fest in the sense of jam making, but we had a little rock band session that night and 'jammed' out. Here is Rob (Joelle's husband, the kiddo's, and Sarah).
Friday afternoon I headed up to Abbotsford, Canada to Emily's. Emily, Jonda, and I have been planning a Cinderella shoot for a while now and it came together this weekend. Emily being the creative genius that she is had a vision for this shoot and we loved it! (more pics to come on that). Jonda and Jill (our cutie model) met me at Emily's on Friday night. Saturday, Lindsay (Emily's neighbor) came over did Jill's hair, we went to town had lunch, and then the fun began! Emily even found us a white horse....can't wait for you guys to see those pics! Saturday after the shoot we were all pooped so Patsy made us dinner and we just relaxed. Sunday Emily and I went to Ikea, wahoo, and I got some organizational things for the scrapbooking room!
Seriously, Emily is a so stinkin' creative, she amazes me!
Sunday afternoon Jonda and I headed back down to Seattle to Alan and Amy's to stay the night because we had a photography workshop in Seattle on Monday. It was an intense weekend! To top off all the fun though, Amy went to Cupcake Royale and brought us back cupcakes!! Oh it was heavenly! Thanks Amy!
Nora was so cute! Look at that cheese face!
She loved Jonda, kept climbing on her and snuggling!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giddy up!

So today Shelley and I went out to Ashley's for a little horse back riding! We were in a little bit of a hurry so I didn't get very many pics. It was awesome! Here I am with two of the horses!
Shelley and I with Harley.
Ashley working Friday before I get on him, tucker him out a little!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday night Jonda and I went to the bridal shower of Julia who is one of our sweetest brides of the year, we just love her! Her wedding is Sept 25th and it's going to be a blast!
Saturday Jonda and I had a wedding at Cave B and Brian had to work most of the day. Sunday the landscaping projects continue....I promise I really do contribute....I mowed the lawn and picked rocks...I just don't think he thinks it's as fun to take pictures of me doing chores! Anyway, I love our basalt rocks and border, so excited for it all to come together.

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Fair Week...

And you know what that means...its spaceburger week! Last night we went to the rodeo with Brock and Amber, Ash and Lyndsy, and Shelley and Jared, and even got to see Rachel and Mica! Before the rodeo started Brian and I had to have a spaceburger! Don't worry I have only had 2 this week....Amber and I went on Wednesday afternoon and I had one then too!
So delicious and nutritious I am sure.
There was an elephant at the fair...well there was 2 actually, they were having elephant rides. I thought that was random, as I have never seen an elephant at the Grant Co. Fair before...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun Stuff

Friday, Miss Rachel and I went to Wenatchee for dinner at the Wok About and a little shopping! Check out this super fun veggie and dip platter she gave me for my bday! Its a flower! AWESOME! Dinner was awesome, then we went to the Craft Warehouse where I bought this sign below....how cute is that! The icing on the cupcake line was the clencher, I had to get it. After a few more shopping stops we made it to the Owl Soda Fountain for good ol fashioned milk shakes! What a night!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random Happenings

So this is a totally random post, last weekend I got to see Kara and Sally (I graduated high school with both of them) at Marla's wedding. It's always great seeing these two gals!
Bitty, Jo, and LindyJean were up here last week for the birthday bash and for us to celebrate Addy Lou Hoo's birthday. Here we are doing Addy Lou's hair all fancy.
Wow the wind is doing great things for all of us....
Finally a day to go BOATING! Brian and I worked really hard on the yard this weekend and thought it would be fun to take Sunday afternoon to go boating, so Brock and Amber (they bought a house from me about 4 months ago, they are tons of fun) joined us at Cresent Bar, it was fabulous.
We BBQ'd burgers on the beach.
Did a little relaxing.
And some wakeboarding and skiing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


More green things! I had an abundance of limes in the house...and decided on a hot summer day homemade lime-aid sounded awesome! It was sooo much more awesome then the lime-aid from the store!

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
3 cups cold water

Heat 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar in a pot until the sugar is dissolved. In a pitcher add the lime juice and 3 cups cold water. Pour in the simple syrup mixture. Add some ice and enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

things that are green...

so most of you know i love green...well this post is dedicated to green things because it seems lately i'm surrounded...mom helped me can 6 lbs of green beans...so good...
i gleaned some basil from mom and dad's garden and made pesto...my mouth is watering.
and for my birthday cathy and russ bought me 2 green adirondack chairs and a green tulip pot and this greenish blue pot...im in love with them, the other three pots, well they aren't green but i love them too.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Bash

So I am just about the luckiest girl ever. Friday (my actual birthday) Cathy made me an excellent dinner of bbq salmon, twiced baked potatoes, salad, corn, and mom made me a tres leches cake...it was an awesome dinner! Russ and Cathy bought me awesome green adirondeck chairs and new gorgeous pots (pics to come)...Brian bought me some pots for the front of the house. They were huge!
Mom and Dad gave me smore's sticks, Dad even carved my name and bday in them!
Sunday, Brian threw me a big birthday bash with our friends! He worked so extremely hard and surprised me with basically re-landscaping our yard (with new rock, landscaping brick border and new pots), he built a fire pit, and put up a volleyball net. Ash, Jonda, Shelley, and Jo made awesome food we had roasted polish dogs (in the new fire pit) tater salad, fruit, baked beans, etc. It was awesome! I am not sure why the theme is always (remember last year the flower bra..) well this year they stepped it up with a coconut bra and grass skirt! ha! Love it! Mad-Dog was part of the fun and even worse a lei most of the night.
I will say it again, but I love all my friends! They are always so accommodating when I make us pose for pictures with the tripod! :) Thanks ya'll for making it a great birthday! There is like 6 munchkins in the picture and only one of them is a boy...poor Hayden he is surrounded by estrogen!
Ashley made me awesome nutella cupcakes! YUM!
Brian and Josh cutting the firewood!
All my favorite gals!
The boys roasting weenies!
Brian handing out sweets to the little people!
We ended the night with a mean game of volleyball!