Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

This weekend was full of fun activities and relaxing.  Saturday we got up early and went out on a day ride on the bikes with Ashley and Lyndsy to Wenatchee had breakfast and then headed to Chelan to check out the scenery there...it was sooooo busy....it was a beautiful day for a ride!
 That's my mean biker babe face....
 Brian rode Kim's V-Rod to try it out...so I drove our bike...so much fun!
 Sunday after church we took the boat out for a little relaxing afternoon on the lake. Josh and Lyndenn joined us for a few hours.  Memorial Day at the sand dunes is a crazy mad house so we had to go check out that scene.  I counted at least 50 boats lined up on the beach and it was a mad house of quads, dirt bikes, etc at the dunes.
 Sunday evening we had a bbq at Jonda and Dean's and watched a movie outside on the house!  It was awesome!  Ashley and I attacked Brian with squirt guns...he tackled me and wrestled it outta my hands...Ashley was still armed.
 Ready for the movie!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Life as of lately...

We've been having some interesting spring weather...rain, sun, wind, lots of wind, it hasn't been terribly warm yet...I personally am looking forward to the hot summer days!
Yesterday after I got home there was an amazing rainbow outside...I ran into the house to grab my camera and in the 55.8 seconds it took me to do that....the rainbow was gone!  I went to the other side of the house to see if there was anymore and the sunset was just awesome.  The color changes that happened within a 3 minute span were beautiful!  I loved the birds flying across the sky too!  
 Maddy...post-op.  She is lovin' life outside the pen, with out the cone of shame or having pills shoved down her throat.  She might finally be back to her normal self!  Who doesn't love  freshly mowed lawn on a nice spring day!  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Nebraska Fun

The sweat shop continues, neighbor Katie came over and sewed with us for an evening.  
 Quilt progress...Carrie had started this one for me before I arrived and we finished it up while I was there.  Then I decided to start one the caddy-whompus as I call them, quilt blocks and ended up finishing it! 
 These little bags were so easy and fun, little farmers market totes they would be great for.
 Here's the caddy-whompus quilt all together.
 Katie came over again for more projects. How cute is the shirt she made herself...
 We finished out the trip with the morning at the farmers market with cinnamon rolls, coffee, and it was a perfect end to the trip!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fun in Lincoln

I got to spend last week in Lincoln, Nebraska with my good friend Carrie.  It was a week full of fun, sewing, more sewing, eating yummy cookie pizza, sewing, and did I mention we sewed?  Can't wait to share all my fun projects!  We enjoyed some yummy lunches out and there is this coffee place called Scooters that makes the BEST vanilla cappuccino espresso blenders...I look forward to them every-time I travel to Nebraska. So of course we made daily visits to Scooters!   
Seth had a few plants that needed to go in, so we took advantage of a beautiful evening and planted some flowers.
 Rece was a big help!
 We enjoyed the shade of the back deck and relaxed!
The sweat shop as we dubbed it, was open for business.  Here Carrie and I are working on a quilt.
 Jenni (Carrie's sis), Carrie, and I with our Amy Butler Stash and Dash clutches.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Herbs and Flowers!

Last weekend was soooo beautiful! It was the perfect time to get all my plants in the pots! I found a few flowers I thought would be cute and some herbs.  Can't wait to watch em' grow!
There is nothing quite like fresh herbs in cooking...can't wait.
Here is my yellow pear tomato and some lemon balm, which I got from Trisha..can't wait to use it in ice tea!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today for Mother's Day we went to lunch with the Faw Clan and then headed to Shelley's for a little birthday cake for Kevin and Meara's birthdays.  
 Then we went to the horse show to see mom and Ernie.  It was a lovely day spent with lovely mothers!  Couldn't ask for more awesome moms, we are so lucky!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Official Biker Babes

Brittany and I took our motorcycle safety course last weekend and got our endorsements.  It was a fun filled three days and the weather was awesome!  Aside from learning some things on the bike, we learned some new dance moves from a few guys in the class. It was kindof a riot. Overall it was a good time and I think we learned alot!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun with the piglets

Last week the piglets had lots of visitors. Jolene and Co. came to see them so we brought Ashley and Payton along with us, and plenty of piggy snacks.  They were skeptical at first but once they tasted the food they wanted more.  Payton had them chewing on her shoes even.  
 Boss decided he wanted to catch one so the girls could get really close....I think they knew what he was up to.
 Oh just missed him!  
 My friend Melissa even came over with her kiddos to see the pigs, we went on some 4-wheeler rides and fed the piggies.
Gunnar even had fun!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

More wedding fun!

Last weekend Jonda and I shot a wedding of the fun couple Jeff and Emily, they had a red barn wedding and it was spectacular!  This cute little streamer backdrop was the backdrop for the ceremony and they then used it as a photobooth at the reception!  I just love weddings!  Jonda and I have way too much fun sometimes!  Isn't she cute in her Frye boots and dress!  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Clean Up

Things are getting green around here and it's such a lovely sight.  
There has been a tree we have been needing to cut down for awhile now.  It was planted way to close to the other tree, it only grows one sided and is starting to affect the tree next to it.