Monday, September 26, 2011


One of the great perks of Brian's job is that I get to travel with when his boss told him to go to California to look at the corn trials and evaluate them, I was so there!  We started in Gilroy at his corn trials and then drove to Monterey. 
First order of business: eat lunch at In & Out Burger!
Second order of business: evaluate the corn
Third order of business: THE BEACH!
This was a very quick trip and by very quick I mean we flew in Wednesday at 10:00 and left Thursday at 3:00....but we managed to cram everything into that time!
 Here is the real reason we were there...
 The Boss man, is actually very fascinating to think the work he does helps determine the varieties that are bred, planted, and ultimately you eat!
We don't look very 'beachy' in our work boots but it was so beautiful!
 We drove through Pebble Beach on the 17 mile drive, which led us to some awesome sights!
Did you know if you focus those big binoculars you pay a quarter to use and then take a picture to them you can see it!  Here it is!
 I want Cypress trees in my yard!
 Brian thought it would be fun to stand on this rock...that was until the waves started crashing and he got wet!  
 Last stop was the Monterey Aquarium...this is me pretending to be a newly hatched penguin!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sarah and Justus come to Eastern Washington

We had two awesome visitors over this week!  Sarah and Justus made the trek over from Sumner to Ephrata for a visit to the farm country.  We did all sorts of activities...that of which included photoshoots,  riding a horse (thanks julia), riding a 4-wheeler, riding the lawn-mower, picking green beans and pumpkins, eating fresh picked corn, picking apples (thanks brittany), sarah and I sitting side by side with out MAC laptops and surfing the web while editing photos, and enjoying the lovely fall weather.
 Here's the guys mowing the lawn...
I guess he thought sitting in the middle of them was the most effective picking method.
 Gotta love me some green beans!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


One of the Boss man's favorite activities is going out quadding and we are so fortunate to have beautiful places so close to home and even better, friends to enjoy them with.  Sunday Kacey, Matt, and Brian went out for the afternoon and had a great time!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zac Brown Band Concert

Last saturday night Brian and I went to the Zac Brown Concert at the Gorge with Dustin and Julia.  It was awesome!  Neither of us had been to the Gorge for a concert in years and never together...and it's only 20 minutes from the house!  We scoped out seats on the grass and then half way through Julia and I  made our way down to the stage...we go so close it was awesome!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Friday night a few of my favorite ladies all met at the Othello rodeo for a night out.  We started with dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant and then made our way to the rodeo. 
 Here is an attempt to jump off the hay bales...lets just say we couldn't get the timing right.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baby Gunnar

Well the 3rd Stagg Baby has arrived as most of you know, here we are.  Luckily I missed the whole birthing thing this time (we all know how much I love childbirth and the gory details), and made it just a few hours after he was born.  This boy is going to lead an interesting life with Addy Lou Hoo and RowdySue as his big sisters!   

Butterfly Cake

Adelaide had requested a green butterfly cake for her birthday and since I didn't make it down for her actual birthday when the Stagg Clan came up a few weekends ago I decided to whip one up.  I borrowed a friends pipet tips and bag...I will say I think layered cakes are more my thing....they require less patience and a less of a delicate hand...either way, the butterfly was a success cause Addy Lou Hoo loved it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Goldeny Sunshine

This image just makes me so happy for fall!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boss Hog and Biker Babe

Since Brian's nickname is Boss, I have taken to calling him Boss Hog when were on the bike!  
The wind farms are a growing industry around here...and they have a very cool interpretive center on the top of Vantage for one of them.  Brian and I decided it was too nice of a morning to pass up a trip on the bike up there.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick Trip

Last weekend I made a whirl wind trip to Puyallup to shoot a wedding with happened to be her cousins wedding so I got to see her, Justus, and her fun family and hang out for a little bit. 
 Sunday am I had to jet out to Prosser for the arrival of Gunnar Wayne, so I totally missed the Puyallup fair....oh cow chip cookies...I will be back next year!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Craft

Well I have officially been hit by the fall bug.  I am ready to snuggle in a cute sweater and boots, sip apple cider, and enjoy the crisp mornings....along with fall comes fun fall crafts.  I made this candy corn banner the other day.  I love it.  Just cut out some burlap, painted it, and wha-la....hung it up!  Happy Fall!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Going North-East

After riding with the Roberts and Pingetzer's, Brian and I were didn't take much to convince us that this is something we wanted to do more often.....ergo....this little beauty right here! I think the color is what sold Brian right away....then he rode it and knew it was the one he wanted.  It is a Harley Davidson Fat Bob and it's awesome!!!!

The best thing about riding a motorcycle is that you go places you never would travel to in your car, back windy roads that are just gorgeous, and not to mention all the amazing smells you get...the forest, camp fires, flowers, water, etc...I love it!
This weekend we went on a ride with Lyndsy and Ashley up to the north-eastern most corner of the state!  We ended up in the town of Metaline population was a spectacular ride...we left at 9 am  and arrived in Ione around 4 oclock.  
 On the open road!
 I never realized how many beautiful bodies of water the state of Washington has.
 This was the best stretch of the ride....into republic...spacious roads, no cars, the right amount of curves, Brian opened her up and we were was awesome!
 We shacked up at the Porter's Plaza Hotel in Ione...actually a pretty decent place!
Someday I will get my own bike....for right now, I am content being a passenger!
 We ended up in Silver Lake Idaho at a car show, it was a great happen-stance, cause we ran into this guy who builds these little was a mini 3 speed motorcycle and side car, he took me for a ride!
They even had a car like 'The King' in the Cars movie...