Monday, April 25, 2011

The Great State of Nebraska

Some of you might be thinking what is in Nebraska besides corn? Well alot actually...First of all my wonderful friend's the Derner's, but they also have the 2 great cities of Lincoln and Omaha, and the wonderful coffeehouse Scooters...sorry starbucks, but Scooters might have you beat. It was yet another  a lovely relaxing visit!  Carrie and Seth had baby Rece in December and so I got to go see the little guy.  Here we are crafting...he was a good little crafter!
 and sewing...
 We made the Amy Butler Gumdrop Pillow...I couldn't stuff mine but can't wait ti finish it when I get home!
 How cute is that!?  
 We went and saw Katie's new addition, Alece.  Rece was fascinated when she cried...
 The Easter Bunny even stopped at their house!
 We died easter eggs! For easter dinner we made a lovely apricot glazed ham, potato souffle, asparagus, corn fritters, and coconut cake.
 I think Seth won with his Beef state egg.
 Hanging out!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Herd is Growing

This year's herd has arrived, Brian got a few more cows this year and they are all looking pretty good.  We have 4 angus and 3 charolais cows.
There was only 1 friendly bugger in the bunch, he was so curious of me, I was about 2 inches from petting his face until he got scared and backed off. I think we are gonna be friends though.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Current Events in the Faw Household

Lots happening in the Faw household.  Brian made the Quincy Valley Post Register Thursday!  Him and Kacey have been working hard at starting an FFA Alumni group to help the high school FFA program.
 This weekend we had a girls craft weekend planned with Sarah and Joelle (unfortunately, Justus got sick and Sarah couldn't make it, WE MISSED YOU SARAH) Friday night Joelle showed up with tulips...which I love.  She lives in tulip country the Skagit Valley, aren't they purdy?  
 This was also the debut weekend of my new craft area.  Brian worked his butt off getting this puppy done! How fabulous is this?  I love organization and this is just what I needed! Joelle and I didn't waste anytime we got right to work making birthday banners, owls, and bunny finger puppets.  We watched girl movies, ate yummy munchies, and had a wonderful relaxing weekend! Thanks so much JOELLE, you are an awesome friend!  Brian spent all weekend hibernating in his shop and finishing his pasture for the cows.
 Sunday I attended Amber's baby shower which was full of crazy games and fun!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tweet Tweet

My dad makes the best birdhouses and I love them! and now that spring has arrived and the birdies are out it's bird house time! Remember the barn rummaging we did last October in Lind at Josh and Lyndenn's...well here is the product of the wood I brought home to dad...these cute little red bird houses!
I can't remember where we got this wood from but I love this bird house too!
Mad-Dog even think's they r cool!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rainbow Cake and Jo's 30th

We love culinary experiments and I love making cake, so Jolene's birthday is always a fun time for me...we usually choose a cake that we have never tried.. This year we decided on a 6 layer rainbow cake....and it was fabulous!  Not only was it an awesome thing to cut into...especially if you didn't know what it was going to look like, but as Brian said it looked (before I was finished frosting it) a giant fruit loop and then we actually decided it tastes like one too. It has a hint of lemon and was so fun to eat!  I really want to try a monochromatic colored all shades of green...mmmmm....
 We went down for dinner at Wine-O-Clock with the neighbors and the kiddos and it was awesome.
 Boss and Bitty played in the yard, they actually threw grass at each other for awhile and both found it equally amusing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's probably no secret that I am slightly obsessed with cupcakes....they are a little slice of heaven...well I also have some fun cupcake this cupcake necklace that Rachel bought cute!  And then my little cookie jars that Amy got me!  

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vroom Vroom

Lyndsy and Ashley have been talking about taking us on a bike ride for sometime now, and it was a pretty nice afternoon so we decided to hit the road.  We took a journey up to Waterville, through Orondo, and into Wenatchee and then home.  It was sooooooo stinkin' much fun!  I think I want a motorcycle!
 The Boss Man lookin' tough.  Don't you think he needs a leather vest with BOSS on the back? I think so!
 For the safety of others and myself, I was only a passenger at this point....maybe someday I will become a biker babe, but for now I will remain a biker babe passenger.
 Ah, the open road!
 Lyndsy the Biker Dude and Ashley the Biker Babe!