Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Musings

This weekend was great! Sunday Brian and I met up with Josh a friend of mine from high school (who also sang at our wedding, he is an uber talented musician) for a mid afternoon jog.  This may seem random but a few weeks ago Josh and I motivated one another to get off our rear ends and go far so good.  We check in daily with our runs and since he was home from Seattle this weekend we decided to go for a jog!  Then we ate DK's! 
 Brian has ridden in some awesome snow this winter, him and a friend, Treavor went up to Salmon La Sac Saturday and had an 'epic' day riding...there was insane amounts of snow!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Busy week we've had. Got home from McCall, lots of stuff going on at work and today was April and Billy's wedding and it was wonderful! Don't ya love her twig bouquet!  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

McCall {day 2}

We woke up the next morning to awesome snow and more on the way! It snowed all night and kept at it all day!  Which made for some great powder!  Today was less about picture taking, I can only press my luck so much! McCall was an awesome place, I can't wait to go back!!!!
 We were the first ones making tracks an never saw anyone other riders all day!
 Look at it! So awesome!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

McCall, Idaho Snowmobiling Trip {Day 1}

Saturday Brian left for McCall Idaho, Jonda and I had a wedding in Spokane, after the wedding and Jonda went home I stayed and danced the night away with some of the awesome guests- it was a wedding of a friend from Quincy so there was alot of people there!  Then I spend the night in Spokane with Randy and Shari (Brian's old boss from National).  We got up the next morning and made the trek to McCall to meet James and Stephanie, Tyler and Kelly, and Andy (Brian's boss now) and Cenone for a weekend of snowmobiling and fun!  Brian's boss Andy let me ride his extra sled for the weekend and it was so much fun!  Now I just need my own!
 Cenone's goggles are sweet!
 Here's some of the crew taking a break.
 Stephanie and I.
 Monday morning we all got up and rode the sleds to the hot was awesome!!! It was mostly on the trail but we did do a little off roading! More on that to come!
 Randy, Andy, and Brian with their Crites Seed Coozies
 The Girls!
 The Whole Crew- Andy, Cenone, Shari, Randy, Kelly, Tyler, Steph, James and Us.
 There was 10 of us total and it was a riot with everyone sledding!  I loved it!  Yes I totally made everyone line up for a picture!
This is the picture Cenone took of me running to get into the picture above! haha!
 Andy and Brian!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Cone of Shame

So the Mad-Dog has had a crummy few months.  Back in November we had to have her ACL worked on...animal surgery isn't something Brian and I would normally do but the vet said a dog her age would recover very we did it...she healed up nicely after her 10 weeks...and then one day she just started limping again...back to square one...the vet re examined her and found out the band in her acl had broken the poor Mad-Dog had to go through surgery again...this time on the vet's bill..which was so gracious of him! Needless to say she is not  happy camper right now!
Here we are on our way to surgery number 2...
This is the day after...the cone of is a terrible thing!
"Seriously guys...I hate my life right now" She is red colored from the heat lamp in her house!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rollin' in the Hay Valentines Day

If you have been looking at the blog for a few years then you know every valentines day we do a fun progressive dinner complete with themed shirts and fun! This year we switched things up a bit and went to the farm in Lind for a Rollin' in the Hay Valentines Day Dinner.  Josh and Lyndenn put together a fun farm game relay course that started with some skeet shooting and target practice.  We had awesome appetizers, kabobs for dinner, then we played a fun version of the newlywed game, ate some dessert, and then went and played Hide and Seek at the Ranch House of Sally and Lyndsy's in Lind and it was awesome!
My pink boots were a must for this valentine occasion!
 We then proceeded to the barn for wheelbarrow barrel's Ashley and Lyndsy running to the finish!
 Then we had to pound 3 nails into a board....and they all had to be straight...
 The Brian had to fill water buckets with water, run them to the stall, dump them into the trough, make sure he shut the gate.
Then it was my turn to rope a steer head.
 Brian then had to climb the hay stack, throw down a bail, I then chucked it into the wheelbarrow ran it out to the pallett loaded it on the pallet...
 Brian then had to pound a post into the ground....
 Then I had to get it out....which was alot harder then it looked...Brian found the perfect spot to pound the post into...everyone elses posts just came right out....not was stuck...I had all my body weight on it, I was literally suspended in the air!....Here is Brian laughing at me!
 Here is the crew! Lyndsy and Ashley, Dean and Jonda, Matt and Shelley, Brian and I, Lyndenn and Josh!
 Here's this year's shirt.  Smitten...I made some felt mittens and adhered them to the shirt!  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gettin' Crafty

I don't know if it's the weather, the time of year, my mood, or maybe the influx of pregnant people around me and knowing I have to go to baby showers soon, but I have been crafting like crazy!! My most recent and favorite projects.  This felt and fabric memory game!
These adorable arrows for valentines day with felt and twigs.
And my favorite felt and fabric alphabet!  Felt is all the rage right now and I can tell you why, it is so easy to work with, sew on, craft with etc.  I love the pinking sheared cuts of this alphabet and the fun colors!