Saturday, December 31, 2011

Art Garden Fun

So the week before Christmas Rachel and I decided to have a fun date at the Art Garden in Moses Lake and paint our own pottery!  It was awesome!  She painted a platter and I made an ornament and a little ring dish.  
 The only crummy part is you have to leave them there to get fired and finished!  So you have to wait patiently to see the finished product!  

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hunter Family Christmas

The Hunter Family Christmas was indeed filled with yummy food and lots of fun as usual.  We started the morning off with cinnamon rolls.  Jolene makes the best cinnamon rolls...
Here's are the girls stirring the frosting.
 Oh hello!
 Im diggin' Gunnar's xmas pjs.
We read lots of new books. 
 Had a lovely meal of cornish game hens, brussel sprouts, waldorf salad, and wild rice.
 The comeback of the amazing mallow cran cheesecake!
 The whole clan.  Yes that's mom's Christmas Tree.  It's a sagebrush tree!  It smells so good..She did this once when we were kids!  I love it!  Wacky and fun just like Mom! 
 We opened presents!
 We shot things!
 We even rode the 4-wheeler!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Faw Family PhotoBooth

Brian and I set up a little photobooth for some after dinner activity

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Faw Family Christmas

Well it was another successful Faw Family Christmas!  Everyone made it home for the holiday and we had a lovely time.  We started the day with a little work party at Shelley and Jared's as they are putting the finishing touches on their house.  Then we meandered our way back to our house for a feast.  We started the night with a little shrimp roasting on the firepit.  They were so delicious! We've got to do this shrimp roasting more often! 
The menu was appetizers: roasted shrimp.  main course: bbq salmon, twice baked taters, salad, bread, and yummy corn! dessert: red velvet cheesecake Here is our table.  I made cute little stocking holders for the silverware and napkin rings.  I love felt, it is so much fun and easy to work with.
 Here's a Faw Family Pre Dinner Photo
 Christmas Dinner would not be complete with out sparklin' cider.
 Meara made a very festive and tasty red velvet cheesecake.
  Shelley got me a new camera strap!  It's embarrassing how dirty my old one was!
 Brian received a snow shovel for the snowmobile.
 Ma Faw found these awesome ornaments for Boss and I.  His says liv2ride and mine is bikerbabe!  Love them! Can't wait to hang em' next year.
 Opening presents!
 Fast forward to Christmas Eve morning!  Santa always leaves cuties in our stockings!
 Oh yeah check those shirts out!  
 Here's a few more family pictures!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Well I am sure you have all seen the Christmas Card by now.  I styled Brian and I a little Christmas shoot especially for our Christmas Cards.  Sending out Christmas Cards is truly one of my favorite things about the season!  I love checking my mail this time of year!  So many fun things in there!
There is a little Christmas Tree farm just down the road from us and so we decided to use that as our spot!  I couldn't resist the Faw-La-La it's too perfect!  Thanks to the lovely Jonda Spurbeck for the pics!
 I made this tree all by myself.  No help from Brian...
We had sugar cookies and even cut out marshmallows into Christmas shapes.
 Kinda proud of this sign too, I made this all by my self, no help from Brian. I had his power tools out and was cutting and drilling!  It was fun!  I need to do that more often!