Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Escapades

Memorial Day is always such a fun weekend that we get together with friends from college. We went up to Lake Williams and stayed at The Knodels and Millers Cabins. Last year we were totally spoiled with 80 degree weather, this year not the case. We spent Saturday playing horseshoes and we even made it into Spokane and went Go-Kart Racing....let's just say I didn't win at that game. We had a blast eating yummy food and hanging out with good friends!
Sunday we went on a hike/walk in the morning....Brian bet Kyle 10 pushups he could beat me speed can see who won that bet...not KYLE! I smoked him! We found a cool old truck and ofcourse I made the boys take a picture. At every rock cutty Josh had the brilliant idea that we had to make a rock tower....and everyone had to pick a rock to place...
Finally after staring at the boat in the water all weekend the boys decided they couldn't waste it...even though it was windy and cold they braved the weather. Kyle went first, no wet suit, Brian being competitive and not wanting to show any weakness followed suit, Josh and Aaron didn't have anything to prove so they suited up and stayed warm!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tacoma or Bust

SARAH!!!! I haven't gotten to see Sarah since Justus Birthday party last November! Oh man! Love this crazy fun friend of mine! She now drives a mini-van, which I am a little embarrassed about, I suppose we can still hang. We were the same major so we share alot of the same likes...crafts, jam making, and photography! I get to shoot a wedding in July with Sarah! Can't wait! Wednesday Jonda and I made a flash trip over to Tacoma, she had to meet one of her brides who is also friends with Sarah so we met Jill and Sarah for thai food and a little afternoon fun!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tennis Match

A few nights ago, Trisha and I took baby Ru to the tennis court for a little tennis match. She just hung out while Trisha and I pretended to know what we were doing hitting the ball back and forth. I love summer evenings and nights like these.

Tonka Toy

Yep....I am now the proud owner of a backhoe...Brian has had a hankering for a backhoe since forever, and always looks at the auctions and farms when he can, I never really thought he would actually get one, because he also has a trailer obsession (4-wheeler, snow mobile, stock, car, any kind of trailer) and hasn't purchased one of those yet....(knock on wood). So when he called to say "hey I found a backhoe I want to buy", I thought uh huh and there are a few new lenses I found I want to buy too........well, now looks what is sitting at my is a used backhoe, runs really good and he can't wait to dig some holes.
Here he is loading her up to bring her home.
Since I am the proud co-owner he thought we should take a picture...

Movin' dirt...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bridal Shower Weekend

Saturday we had a bridal shower for Meara at Cathy's house. It was a hawaiian theme, since they are going their on their honeymoon. We made Chicken Satay's with peanut sauce, Shelley made awesome crab puffs and fruit salad, Fillo filled with Guac, Amy made these amazing apple egg rolls with kiwi champagne sauce, and we even had Hawaiian lemonade (lemonade, pineapple juice, apricot nectar, and ginger ale)....soooooo good.
Kevin (brian's little brother) and Meara are getting married June 26th. Wahoo!
Here we are with one of Meara's sisters, Leigha
Meara and I being silly.
Aunt Amy...gotta love her!
We couldn't leave miss Anika out!
Great end to a great day, Shelley ran to the store and got stuff to make smores! Awesome!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cows say Moo

So this year we have a colorful set of cows....and they received colorful names. Some names came from my dad and some from Adelaide. I will say they have been a calm bunch as of yet, we will keep our fingers crossed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Every fall through winter we have Lifegroup meetings on Tuesday nights. Last night was our final meeting for the spring and summer so we had a BBQ at the Gossett's. Typically we pick a book from the bible and use a study guide and go through it, it's always very interesting, this time we were in Genesis, lots to learn from the first book of the bible. We are missing a few from the bunch but most of us were there.
Trisha, Ruth, and Candice
Matt thought he was a pro with the camera..until he tried to use it for a self portrait...ha!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Organized Chaos

Some of you might remember the chaos that had taken over my craft room from a few months ago...well I am embarrassed (that it took me so long) and happy to say that it is finally clean, as of is the organized chaos. And no I didn't just shove it all in the closet, I really cleaned it up.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bridal Shower

Saturday was Amy's bridal shower. It was great to see Lyndenn, and Karlee (Amy's sister). I get to take Amy and Aaron's wedding pics in July and I am soo excited! Aaron (Amy's Fiance) was Brian's college roommate...
Sunday was a lazy day for sure...just bummed around the house and cleaned. Love those days!

Friday, May 14, 2010

More fun with National

So every year this time, National has their spring Golf Day and Family Picnic at the Park. Complete with gunny sack races, the egg toss and ring toss. Brian got to golf today and then we met up at the picnic. Rachel who is the ever popular parts girl and I participated in the egg toss and we got 3rd place! :) No unfortunately we didn't win anything! Brian was the one running all the games and did an eggcellent job, eh eh! Just another week living the high life.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visiting Anika

I had to go to a real estate seminar in Portland and lucky for me Stephanie doesn't live to far from there, so Cathy and I loaded up on Monday morning and spent a few days at Steph's. We did a little shopping and hung out with Miss Anika. She is getting so big, 6 months old...time FLIES!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Shenanigans Part Three

Saturday: the guys had a meeting in the morning so Kelly and I hit up the antique store. When they got back there was 1 of two events you could attend. One was a wine tasting tour through Chelan an the other was an afternoon of shooting at the range. Well you can guess which Brian and I chose. We spent the first part at the trap and skeet shooting part of the range and then meandered our way to the rifle and pistol area. It was so fun, we got to shoot everything from AR 15's, AK 47's, some nice little pistols, etc. People just brought everything from their personal stash! We had an arsenal...
Brian, Duane (Moses Lake Plant Manager), Todd (Fieldman with Brian in Moses) and Lennette.
Brian brought the dirty hairy the 44 mag out and the boys all wanted to shoot it.
Pat (from Chehalis) was especially amused.
After the shooting and wine tasting afternoon we had dinner and a live band, Rock City which is actually the band of one of the National employees. They were awesome and played some great classic rock. Here is Brian, myself, Kelly, and Pat giving our best ROCK out face!
Susan, Kelly, and I.
Shari (Brian's boss' wife, Carol the GM of Moses Plants Wife, and Lennette)
After every event or activity they gave out awards. At dinner that night they were giving out wine tasting awards and then the shooting awards well I was voted most dangerous...and let me explain dangerous. Dangerous like I was right on target, one bad-mamba jamba dangerous, NOT dangerous like I was a crazy person! It was quite funny.
Brian bustin' a move.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Shenanigans Part Two

On another note: I love that National sticks to its old school policy of... if you are not married your not invited to the Spring Fling, whether you are engaged, living together, have children together, etc. If you are not married, not allowed.
Friday: The national employees had a golf scramble all day so the rest of us were left to our own vices. Kelly and I enjoyed the morning relaxing by the water, followed by a stroll through town, and a nice lunch.
The guys returned around 3:00 so Brian and I walked around the park, ate ice cream and did some more relaxing.
Since we had an hour to kill before dinner we went on a little drive and found a nice spot to skip rocks and walk by the water.
Bachelorette Party....Mitzi and Shannon being the fun girls they are decided to throw Lehua (a fellow Seattle employee) a little bachelorette party. We all met at Shannon and Mitzi's cabin had some fun and then went dancing.
Kelly, Me, Nancy, and Kelly
Some of the guys decided to crash the party! Oh wait there's only one boy and its mine...hahaha!
Shannon and I chest bumping, a perfect way to end the evening.