Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ocean Shores

Last week us girls loaded up and headed for the Ocean.  Alice and Hazel, Julia, Natalie, and lil' baby Jackson, and Emily and Quin met us there.  We enjoyed some relaxing, playing on the beach, flying a kit, eating fish and chips, walks on the beach and good company.  It was foggy and overcast for most of the trip but we still enjoyed the time there! 
Quin wanted to do a handstand for our photo.
The morning we had to go home was beautiful and sunny!  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July

This kid can add boating and camping to the list!  For the Fourth of July we met up with Aaron and Amy (and Matty for a night) at Lake Roosevelt for a summer beach camp out!  As you can see Rustin likes camping!  We launched at Fort Spokane and headed out on the water to find the perfect beach and I think we were successful. 
We made Pudgey Pie grilled cheeses and smores one night.
Rustin slept in his fleece bear suit to stay warm, he thought that was pretty fun.  He slept really well in the tent and did awesome the whole weekend.  It got pretty warm in the afternoons but we managed.  Next year he will be eating sand and swimming.
Morning relaxation.

The Beach bum!
This is why we love this place.  It's such a HUGE lake that you don't get overcrowded with boats!
On Saturday night we headed up river about 9 pm to Two Rivers to watch the fireworks display from the boat.  It was an awesome view from the water!  Rustin slept through them like a champ, the big booms didn't even phase him.  Only tricky part about being on the water at night is that boats don't have  lights…and driving 15 miles in the dark and trying to locate your campsite can be interesting.  But we made it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Priest Lake, Idaho

Kiely has been inviting me to Priest Lake and I have never been so Rustin and I decided it was time to go and we are glad we did!  We enjoyed some beautiful weather a few great hikes and a relaxing time.
 Rustin like's books and so does Kiely
 One morning we ventured out to Granite Falls for a hike.
 We couldn't resist he looks miniature next to this giant tree!
 Ok is this hat not ridiculous…my child's head is sooooo small.  This is the smallest sun hat I could find for him...