Monday, January 5, 2015

Faw Family Christmas

Everyone made it home on the 29th for the Faw Family Celebration!  We spent the day hanging out, had an excellent dinner of ribs with christmas cookies and hot chocolate to follow! 
 Gramps and Grams Faw for this little Gator for the grandkids- Maybe the Grandkids will do some yard work in exchange!
Maybe it was the freezing cold or Amelia's driving, but Rustin wasn't too sure. 
The Faw Grandkids!


Grandma LoLo said...

I want that gator ! Lucky grandkids I can see some great pics ahead with that baby. Our boys would go bonkers.

Kara said...

So fun! And it has Seat belts!!

Jeff and Emily said...

All your Christmas photos are lovely with both sides of the family! Wish we could be there with you :) Lori needs to get one of those for her house! Maybe a mini SUV to be more practical for our neighborhoods LOL