Saturday, June 30, 2012


Listen to your mother eat your peas! Brian is knee deep in pea season and so far so good.  He has been super busy with his trials lately.
 In the spring he plants different varieties in a farmers field in rows and keeps track of their progress...this was one of his larger trials.
 He had his field day on Tuesday and normally it is sunny and beautiful and they have a bbq and spend the afternoon looking at peas and new varieties.  This year literally every day this week has been beautiful....Tuesday it rained and poured from 5 am to 5 pm.  Regardless of the soggy day it was still a success.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pool Party

After our ArtGarden excursion, we met Mom Faw and Anika at Splash Zone in Ephrata for a pool party. This little girl loves the water, she did not want to leave.  We swam and splashed and went down the little slide and had a lovely afternoon in the sun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art Garden Fun

Steph and Anika came home for a little visit last week so we took the opportunity to go to the art garden to paint some pottery!  We enjoyed a delish lunch at the bistro and a quiet afternoon painting!  I took the opportunity to make Anika's birthday present, I am thinking in advance here but I made her a little dinner plate that says Anika's Eats!    

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Drive

Today Brian and I met up with Uncle Russ out on the road for a little Sunday afternoon ride. We ended up going to Prosser to say hi to the Stagg Clan. It was a lovely ride!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Everyone this is Slim!  Brian and I decided awhile ago that it was time I get my own bike we searched around for the perfect fit and this was it!  The Harley Softtail Slim.  I love it!  A few Sunday's back we rode to Marysville (that's where we bought our first bike) together on the Fat Bob and then I got to ride her home!  I never really pictured myself own a motorcycle, but low and behold it is really one of my favorite things!  
 We stopped at Ma and Pa Faw's house to show them on our way home!
 Here we are out enjoying the sunny days of summer!

Monday, June 18, 2012

LindyJean's 2nd Birthday!

Mom, Dad, and I (Brian was in Oregon) went to Prosser last Tuesday for LindyJean's 2nd Birthday!  We had a nice family dinner and cake.  
 We picked out lettuce for the salad.
 I made a star cake for her birthday...wasn't as impressed with the yellow cake recipe, but this chocolate sour cream frosting was incredible! 
 Adelaide was making a cheese face...even she looks kinda angry!  Who knows what LJ is up to.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Combine Derby 2012

It's annual Combine Derby time.  This year's weather was kinda uncooperative, but it was still fun. We had an awesome bbq and pool party after the derby at Matty and Shelley's.
Matty was the driver of Jaws this year.  It was the 25th Anniversary for the Derby so everyone painted their headers silver.  
Amy always enters the grain truck races, and usually beats most the boys!
Amy and I
Amy, Karlee, and I
The boys surveying Matt's Truck and Woody after a little tip over.
Brit and I

Monday, June 11, 2012


Alice and I have been training for the triathlon for about 2 months.  We have been biking, swimming, and running everyday most of the time together which has been awesome to have a training partner.  Well last weekend was when it all came together!  When I told Marcy (who lives in Sacramento, her and I ran XC in high school together) that we were doing a triathlon she decided to come home for the weekend and visit her family and do the Tri with us!  The more the merrier!
This June's weather has proved to be more then interesting.  Morning of the triathlon it was overcast, cold, cloudy, sprinkling here and there, and about 50 degrees!  Alice and I being newbies at this whole Triathlon thing didn't have wetsuits....out of the 85 participants Alice and I were among about the 5 other people with out wetsuits......this is intimidating because it was freezing, but it was also good news because it made our transitions quicker.
I am proud to say the Marcy won the event for the women, Alice placed 2nd, and I was 5th.  I won first place in my age group and was 31st overall of the men and women!  It was .5 mile swim, 11 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. I am really happy with my time of 1:25:59.

Marcy and I
 Alice and I.
 Waiting for the swim to start.
 This is the crazy part, the start of the swim, everyone is just waiting in the water, they say go and you all just jump in, you get kicked, elbowed, and it's hard to avoid it.
 This is the transition area, it's kinda of a crazy area of people in and out.
Transition from the bike to the run.
 Coming into the finish!
They right your age on your calf...that way you know who you competing against while running an cycling in your age was actually a pretty good motivator.
 Here's my number one fan!  He's so awesome.  Was all over the race course taking pics and always has something supportive to say.
 I have fast friends!  Marcy and Alice with their winning trophies and my metal for 1st in my age group!