Friday, February 26, 2010

Disaster with a capital D

Those of you that have been to my house know that I am a clean and organized person. Take one look at my craft room and you would disagree....I am embarrassed to even show this but thought it was too funny. This is what happens when you do project after project with out clean up. The floor has become my garbage can. I am hoping in the near future to get it cleaned up. Everytime I think about cleaning it up I realize how long it will take me so I find excuses to do other things. I suppose that is how it got to this state. Anyway, Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Red Mittens

Heidi this one is for you, hope your reading! A few years ago I met Heidi and Bruce Martin when they moved to Quincy and bought a house from me, they were moving from Cheney and it wasn't the smoothest of all deals, we made it through, and I remember getting the best emails from Heidi as we went through the process, she is so upbeat and sweet! They got to know Trisha through Goin' Postal as his job had him copying and mailing things often. Well last year Bruce transferred jobs and they sold their house and moved to Jasper, Canada of all places. If you have never heard of Jasper then I would google it, it looks like one of the most beautiful places, Trisha and I want to go visit! Before they left they imparted all of their daughter Reese's baby items to Baby Ru. Well to make my short story long...the other week Trisha and I received a package from Heidi and Bruce and in it were the hot ticket Red Mittens for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Thank you so much Heidi! We miss you guys down here!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Go Cougs!

Saturday Brian and I headed to Pullman for a little outing. When I was in college at WSU, I worked at a USDA-ARS Lab (a wheat research lab) where I washed lab dishes, filled pipet tips, washed roots, etc. I met alot of great people working there, one of which is Kathleen who was my 'boss.' Well Kathleen has been so good to Brian and I, every year since we have left Pullman, she has gotten us tickets to a Cougar Basketball game. So we go down once a year have lunch and watch the game! Another person I met while working there was Ryan Davis and his lovely family. We used to be a in small group from church with them and I used to babysit his kids while his lovely wife Harmony and him would go to football games. Since leaving Pullman we have kept in touch with both Kathleen and the Davis Fam. After the game we went to the Davis' for pizza. What a great Saturday!
The Davis kids...Ethan, Laura, and Gillian
Aaron (Ryan's Brother) and Ryan being recognized by Butch the Cougar for their sponsorship of Cougar Athletics!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Brian and I have taken on running again....I desperately needed new when we went to Seattle last weekend we stopped at Nike outlet for some new kicks. They are comfy! Aren't they cute! That's all going on this week, nothing too exciting.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feelin' the Love

Heart Shaped Cookies, Fun Table Decorations, Heart Shaped Cheesecake, Heart Straws, Valentines Shirts, Delicious Food, and FUN! We we're feelin' the LOVE. Typically Valentines Day for us means nothing, but this year we decided to get crazy and have a Progressive Dinner. We started with appetizers at Shelley's, she made awesome jalapeno bacon wrapped poppers, cheese puffs, and fruit with a yummy fruit dip. Then we played Valentines themed Pictionary. Then Lyndenn and Josh made an awesome red salad, bread with dips, and champagne (which we ate at Jonda's) where we also had a photobooth set up with funny props, we then headed to our house for a little Surf and Turf and twiced baked potatoes (and I got to use my China) and a Wii Bowling Tourney, then it was back to Jonda's for the most amazing desserts (heart shaped cheesecakes, truffles, lemon bars, chocolate dipped strawberries, cream puffs, and chocoalte molten cakes). Then we even went to the Valentines Day Movie. What a day! It was a blast!

Brian's awesome drawing skills!
Our little photobooth funnies!
The Gals
The Guys!
Dean and Jonda, Jared and Shelley, Josh and Lyndenn, Brian and I

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nora Turns 2

Saturday Shelley, Brian, and I headed over to Seattle to Alan and Amy's for Nora's 2nd Birthday Party, and it wouldn't be a celebration with out cupcakes, ofcourse! We decided to try out Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle (she was once featured on the Martha Stewart Show). They were delicious and Alan and Amy are hostess' with the mostests' (which I realize isn't a word but in this case it counts) We have awesome bbq'd wings, dips, and great company. Nora even got a pink polka dot toy kitchen, complete with refrigerator, and table and chairs. Lucky girl!

Shelley and Nora
Nora about to devour the birthday cupcake!
Amy, Shelley, and I
Brian and Nora after a good meal and yummy cupcakes, both ready for a nap!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Visiting Addy Lou Hoo

Yesterday I went to Prosser to visit Addy LouHoo and help Jolene finish her baby book before the Stagglett arrives.
We went downtown to Linda's purse shop and Addy LouHoo tried on some cute stuff. Love the boots
Scrapbooking is not for small children, all she wanted to do was help, and all we could do was try and entertain her....which wasn't easy to do....poor thing, I think all she heard from us was no....
Here we are inspecting.
Addy helping Jo journal!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Post 2: Lyndenn and Josh's Wedding

Lyndenn and Josh's wedding was a blast! We danced until 1 am! They had a fun little photo booth set up for their guest book you can see we had fun with it.
Tradition. Cupcakes. Photos.
An awesome group of girls who I just love!
Picture me rounding up all these guys for a 'guys photo' imagine me trying to get them in somewhat of an order, imagine me them not listening to a word I said...oh wait that was the true statement! Seriously, try rounding up this many guys, who may or may not have had a few drinks. Humorous!
Brian and Aaron (he was Brian's college roommate and an usher in our wedding, I am taking his wedding pictures this July, can't wait)
Emily, Andrea, and I looking fabulous! Oh wait I had a camera plastered against my face for the last 8 hours, they look fabulous, not me.
Lighting check at the church! What a beautiful bride!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Post 1: Lyndenn and Josh's Wedding- Rehearsal Dinner

I think Josh and Lyndenn's rehearsal dinner was by far the best I have ever been too! The food was awesome, Country Boy's BBQ...can't beat it. And the venue was stellar! Her aunt and uncle have this amazing I will call it Harley Museum for lack of better words, with an amazing kitchen and a great place to entertain guests. What a great nite with our great friends!
Here is Jonda and I....there is even a toy Harley!
Brian and Matt
This is our 'don't mess with us, we ride Harley's' face. (Hypothetically speaking, if I had a Harley.)
Lyndenn, Emily, and I
Bryan, Emily, Brian, and I

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lake Wenatchee Cabin Weekend

The Pingetzer family rents a cabin up around the Leavenworth area each winter and this winter it was the Majestic Pines Lodge near Lake Wenatchee. It was a beautiful house and they invited us to join the fun! (we are so lucky!) It was about a 5 minute walk to the lake. We ate yummy food, had fun playing games, walking to the lake, sledding, and even had a marshmallow fight.

There was a little sledding hill outside the house, we thought it would be perfect because it was a gradual LONG hill, it was a little slow, but still fun. Check out the picture of Brian and Payton on the 4-Wheeler...(yeah, kids love him)
Jonda got us all matching PJ' them, so soft and fuzzy!
Ashley and I...lovely....
Pet Raccoons. We drove down to The Cove to check out the ice fishers and see the lake and happened to see a few raccoons by the store...we stopped and decided to investigate...a few raccoons was actually 6 of them and they were not to scared of people.
There was a dog sled race going on so we decided to check it out. Very cool.