Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nebraska Post 1

Sunday after the wedding Brian took me to Seattle to spend the night with Kevin and Meara so Kevin could take me to the airport Monday am for my flight to Nebraska. I arrived Monday into Omaha where Seth and Carrie picked me up for dinner and then we headed to Lincoln. As you can imagine on the drive it is surrounded by corn and soybeans (which I need to get a picture of) but along the freeway are these HUGE corn silo's I will call them, there are a few of them around and I just think they are so cool!
Tuesday morning we headed back to Omaha to help Seth set up the Vivayic (their companie's booth at a trade show) Booth. Carrie designed the booth, she is soooo good at making booths look awesome and inviting.
Here is her and Seth!
Wednesday we spent the day shopping around for stuff for the babies room, (she is having a boy in December) and then Wednesday night we went to the neighbor's house for ladies night, they live in a fabulous neighborhood where all the neighbors get along, have parties, help eachother, etc., it's like all american neighborhood should be. Katie is one of Carrie's fabulous neighbors and friends, she has a sewing fetish and makes the most fun baby gifts! We always have fun with Katie! The dog is little Harper Sue, Carrie and Seth's pup!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Wedding Weekend

This weekend Jonda and I went to Cle Elum for the fabulous wedding of Julia and Dustin. It was a seriously beautiful day and we had a blast! Jonda and I ate maple bars from the Cle Elum bakery and jerky from Owen's Meats in Cle Elum both famous for those items...soo delish!
Jonda and I couldn't help posing with the random statue...
So I am known for demonstrating my just makes more sense them me explaining them..well I wanted Dustin to pick her up and twirl her, so I gladly demonstrated...well Jonda happened to be snapping photos...hahaha.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Take your wife to work day...

So it really wasn't take your wife to work day, wouldn't it be great if there was such a thing. Yesterday I rode around with Brian for a few hours capturing Lima Bean Harvest for National....they are updating websites and brochures and need new photos. So ya'll get a little slice of the day in the life of Brian. I should have taken a picture of his phone because the poor guy talks on it all day long, there is a mass amount of coordination between the harvest crews, the growers, the plants, HR, the bean cutter, the mechanics, etc. Here is a field of Lima's that has been cut by the bean cutter and now the harvesters are taking over.
Checking the field...
More Lima Bean checking...
Checking the truck...
I just liked this picture with the harvesters in the background.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family, Friends, and Photoshoots!

While Brian is trying to combat harvest in the rain, I have been extremely lucky and have managed to dodge the rain for all my shoots with my positive mental attitude...
This weekend Brad and Steph were home so they came for dinner and smores, Anika's first campfire...(oops no pictures)...that's bad!
Saturday morning Steph and I went to town for coffee and a little hanging out, then Jonda and I had a photo shoot with the awesome gals of Love and Lavender.
Saturday evening Seth and Carrie came over to stay the night on their way to Odessa. Seth is the king of self here we are!
Sunday morning we went to Odessa for Deutschfest (a german festival with delicious food) and Granny Bar Bar cookies....this cookie is like a combo between cake and cookie with a hint of is a mystery how granny bar bar makes them, people have tried duplicating but it hasn't been done...
We ate sausage, sauerkraut, cabbage rolls, and alot of other things I can not pronounce...or spell....but they were all equally delicious!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jack of All Trades

Since Brian has an abundance of time to kill (notice the hint of sarcasm in my typing) he has decided it would be fun to try his hand at being a hay farmer, so for the past few week he has been out late every night after work cutting, raking, and bailing his hay...luckily it's only 5 acres and it will come in handy when we have to feed out the cows.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Farmer Consumer Awareness Day 2010

For 3 years now Alan, Amy, and Nora have come to visit for Farmer Consumer Awareness Day in Quincy and we love having them visit! Shoot we love all visitors! We go to the Parade and Balloon Festival and see the sights. This year's parade was don't see floats like this too often.
Nora and I at the Parade.
Ashley, Hayden, and Payton joined us for the day's activities and it was great! At the FCAD grounds the kiddos jumped around in the bouncy toy, we ate lunch, checked out the car show, tractor pull, petting zoo, etc.
The weather was perfect for the entire weekend!
Nora insisted Brian wrap her baby up...hahaha!
The Balloons before they all lit up.
At the end of the night it was an awesome fireworks show, I mean better then the 4th of July! And the best part is that we didn't even have to stay up late to see it! We were home by 9.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


So Friday night was an intense amazing sunset because of a huge brush fire north west of Quincy...Brian had a tractor at home and was taking it back to the field and he took this picture with his phone....
I on the other hand was out side with my camera...go figure! The orange glow of the sun was so amazing!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I have succumbed to the fact that summer is pretty much over and that any boating to be done now will be in a wet suit...I will say I love fall, I love pumpkins, the color orange, the smells, the weather, I have decided to put up my fall decorations...(yes Jolene, I know, you can roll your eyes at me for being a seasonal decorator. :) I love this sign, got it last year at the craft warehouse.
Pumpkins are so much fun in all shapes and sizes!
On a side note, Emily aka: Martha Stewart, actually I think she is better then Martha, but regardless, she made me this AWESOME clutch for my birthday...out of my favorite fabric and old jeans, how cool is this! I can't wait to use it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Canning Marathon

This last week/weekend was chalk full of canning...and not much else....Jolene brought up ridiculous amounts of pears and peaches so we went to work. We made 2 batches of pear butter, 1 batch of spiced pears, about 7 batches of pears, 2 batches of spiced plum jam, 1 batch of peach jam, 1 batch of spiced peaches, and probably around 8 batches of pears. It was insane, the messes were insane. Good thing Grandma was around to help us!

That was most of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday we had an awesome mexican feast prepared by Uncle Russ and Cousin Brandon even came over from Missoula. Monday I had two senior shoots and we managed to get a little boating in.
Here's the crew!
Me and Baby LindyJean taking a break.
Boss and the Itty Bitty on the Ranger...look at the pure joy on her face.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Birthday's Are the Best!

Anyone born in the month of August is extra super duper special....right Rachel, Brandon, and Cousin Russ? (funny side note: I have the same bday as Rachel's dad and nephew Mitch, hooray!) That's what I thought. Rachel and I went out to Cave B (she had never been) for a little birthday celebration. It was a fantastic dinner, I had crab cakes...heavenly, and Rachel had their handmade ravioli's topped with arugula...sooo good. I made her a chocolate cake since she loves chocolate and we sat on the tailgate of Ellie enjoyed the view and nice night and had some cake. Thanks Rach for a great evening!
Posing in the grape vines!
Rachel's delish blue cheese appetizer...
My amazing goat cheese nectarine salad.
Such a pretty view.

Friday, September 3, 2010

My husband is a machine....he worked from 3 am to 8:30 pm yesterday...I can't wait for winter to come...normally I wouldn't say that, but when corn and lima beans are on at the same time it's a long season. It's friday, thank goodness, it a long weekend, thank goodness. And because every post is better with a picture...