Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Trees

We've been needing some shade trees for awhile now and it's the perfect weather to plant them.  We grabbed a few tulip trees and a ginkgo tree.  Excited about these.
 This tree has been growing whacky and is just ugly.  It was time for it to go. 
 Perfect time for Rustin to test out the back hoe -
 This is serious business-
 Not even 6 months driving the backhoe with a smile on this face, I see expensive toys and doctor bills in my future!


Jeff and Emily said...

I guess I shouldn't feel bad that Jeff lets our kiddos sit in the front seat while backing the car out, haha!!! Got to love new trees :)

Grandma LoLo said...

Don't you wish you could give trees super food to get up to shade tree status in just a few months !

Kara said...

Woah! When you plant trees, you guys mean business! They are going to be great!