Monday, September 1, 2014

Craft Time with the Stagglets

It's September…how did that happen?  The Stagglets came over for a little craft time on Monday.  We made toilet paper owls.  They were easy and fun to make! Rustin had fun with his cousins. 
Try getting these 4 to smile for a photo…this is what you end up with. 


Grandma LoLo said...

Oh my ! , how come the Stagletts look so old. What a cute bunch of chillins. Do you love all their boots too. I hope Rustin gets to wear a lot of boots.

Kara said...

Great pictures of all the kids! I seriously love those little owls! Oh! And the kids too :)

Jeff and Emily said...

Love all the cousin shots!! And thanks again for the great ideas for toilet paper tubes :) love it!